Dr. Taurus Hines dressed in a candy suit.

Look at this candy man. Who dresses like This? What professor is going to walk around wearing this mess? Classic suits at work please, that is, if you care so much about being respected.  I kid you not Dr. Taurus Hines will stroll into class dressed like this.  One of his favorite outfits is a pink suit- I mean from head to toe, shoes, hat, and everything- All pink.

Dr. Taurus Hines is so obsessed with his IMAGE he will do anything to keep it alive.  The image isn’t even real. He probably created it years ago due to some psychological issues.

Unfortunately the image of Dr. Taurus Hines is all he cares about. He abuses, belittles, harasses, laughs at his students…and there are countless rumors as to how someone like Dr. Taurus Hines even got a job teaching college students.  No respectable university should have anything to do with him.

Dr. Taurus Hines’ favorite thing to say is “That’s a zero”. This usually involves some work a student actually did. I personally received a Zero on the class notebook because I didn’t notice or see the grading rubric sheet amongst all the crap we are supposed to print online

I also received another zero for a “disturbance” after my presentation.  If Dr.Taurus Hines had ANY classroom management skills then students would not be out of control while others do presentations.  I told the girl off and told Dr. Taurus Hines to his face that he needs to control HIS class.  Sitting there and watching students bully others is unacceptable and unprofessional.  But standing up to him got me another Zero for work I actually did.

Dr. Taurus Hines is Unprofessional and has no classroom management skills:  I was assigned an extra presentation because I asked him for help in dealing with the hecklers and disruptive students.   Rather than think about the problem he punished me for mentioning it.  I studied the pages assigned ONLY TO ME, made the outline (as instructed)  then Presented and received NO GRADE.  Dr. Taurus Hines is not a leader, cannot control his class, and will take it out on you if you ask for help.

I am a licensed teacher and a Math Tutor from 8-4:30.  I (as well as many classmates) take night classes to advance my teaching license.  It is required in Tennessee.  On another page I will explain why we have undergrads in the class with us laughing and acting foolish.

In closing, Dr. taurus hines does not give us a reasonable Amount of tasks considering we are working full time AND completing requirements to advance our Tennessee License. In No WaY should the work be easy, but it should be reasonable, clear, to the point, and due on class day and time.

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Dr  Taurus Hines, Dr Taurus Hines

Dr Taurus Hines, Dr Taurus Hines

Dr Taurus Hines, Dr Taurus Hines