We have an awesome Department Chair at Lemoyne-Owen, however I believe he knows that students are likely to avoid taking classes with Dr. Taurus Hines.

When I first signed up for the class in question it was labeled Independent Study. The Department Chair himself was supposed to facilitate this Independent Study, however, due to HIM signing so many people up, he decided it would be easier to make it a class. I have no proof that this was intentional, but voila, Taurus Hines was given this class.

Under normal circumstances- had it been known that he was the professor- there would have been five students in there. I have suffered tremendously because of this bait and switch and will likely be finishing the remainder of my credits elsewhere.

Anonymous Student:

The teacher would make-up assignments that were not on the syllabus. He would just make-up assignments and give dates and threaten the students with zeros. We were promised make-up assignments and extended times for tasks there were missed and then he cancelled that promise out of nowhere.
The teacher would also give assignments that could not be done
because the printer would be down in the class. The teacher would hold us accountable for resources he lacked.
In addition, the teacher did not give me points that were deserve for many tasks. The most important task according to the points was the notebook that weighted 245 points and I turned in my notebook but the online tool said I had zero points for the notebook.