We had a foreign student in our class.  He was not as good with English but he was smart.  He procured a job as a Math Teacher and was only taking classes at Lemoyne-Owen to satisfy a few credits.

Dr Taurus Hines had no sympathy for this student not being American.   In addition, Dr Taurus Hines’ class was all over the place.  There were too many things to print, too many micro details and too many tasks even for the rest of us.

I will never forget the day Dr. Taurus Hines insulted this foreign student in front of everyone.  The student obviously didn’t understand the task or the point of the presentation he was supposed to do.  We had to listen to Dr. Taurus Hines (at Lemoyne-Owen College) as he got angry and reamed the student,  yelling at him and saying, “That is not AT ALL what your presentation should have been, etc.”

I FELT that I was listening to something which was none of my business to be hearing, so I quietly gathered my things and left the room.

Dr. Taurus Hines describes himself as inspirational.  The only thing he would be able to inspire his students to do is kill themselves.

A true leader and true inspirational person lifts people up.  A true inspirational person is selfless.  And they spend their lives in service to Others.