The reason this website will remain regardless – is that students need to be warned.  Something is fundamentally wrong with a man who acts one way in front of colleagues and becomes completely evil toward his students.  

Another Testimony:

Mr. Hines was not a positive teacher model for students who are or becoming Professional Teachers. He was very disrespectful to students; he has told student aloud how awful their presentations were and that they are getting a zero aloud in front of other students. The teacher did not care about the well-being or success of his students. He talked about how dumb we were at LOC and that he is in some position of authority at his school in SCS and he would not recommend any of his students in our class for a position. Personally, I would never take on a job if I had to deal with his leadership skills; they are awful.
Too, the teacher made fun of a student by calling one of the students out of their name. He referred to the tall student as “Madea” while other students were laughing. I did not find it funny because the student who was made fun of was my friend.
Mr. Hines was not reachable outside of class and he would not answer specific questions as it related to what the task on the tables were in class. He did not have office hours or if he did, they were not followed. After all, I feel cheated as a student who paid out of pocket as a Professional Student and he has gotten paid for insulting me, cheating me out of my grade, and lowering my morale as a Professional Educator. I do not think this teacher should continue to have the right to treat people this way and still get a pay check that students like myself pay towards.