Dr Taurus Hines insisted on using Edmodo.  All class members were added to it.

On Edmodo the instructor can post assignments and students can upload them when they are due.

Edmodo has other features that I feel Dr.  Taurus Hines abused.

1.  A student could not start a post to anyone other than Dr. Taurus Hines. This is an extremely controlling tactic. The whole underlying point of our text book was that students should collaborate and be free to discover things, even expressing their own ideas -but he forced us onto Edmodo and restricted us to starting posts to HIM only.

2.  He never answered any question in a post I started and sent to HIM, and When he started a post (in order to give an assignment) he never answered questions that students left in the comment section under the assignment.  It got to where I took it upon myself three times to try and help the students who were needing help.  I forgot to add the one time he commented to me it was to give the extra Assignment I got no grade for.

3.  The grades were not whole numbers.  For example, on one test I got 75/105.  If he decided to take points. He would just say “That’s a zero”  or one time he subtracted 40 points from an assignment because my computer was down, I did it by hand, took pictures with my iphone and used a scan App. and it wasn’t in a word document.  Since the maximum points on that was 40, I think I ended up with another Zero.