***Take positive reviews of Dr.  Taurus Hines with a grain of salt.  Warning, my classmates and I came across some reviews that look like they were written by Dr.  Taurus Hines himself***

Regarding favoritism:  Some students were allowed to say whatever they wanted (even while others were doing a presentation.)  They would laugh at the presenter and/or make off color comments that only served the purpose of making it look like the presenter was incompetent.  I have spoken to a few of the supposed favorites and this is what was going on.

None of them enjoyed the class or the instructor and had a lot to say about previous experiences in other classes.

I can only speculate that having taken his classes before they know how egotistical and fake Taurus Hines is…and in order to put themselves in a good position they fed his ego, even if it meant throwing their classmates under the bus.  They just wanted a good grade.  

In light of this I won’t say much about them except a good instructor will keep his/her class in check and be mindful how students are treating each other.  And furthermore, a good instructor will not foster an environment where students turn on each other in order to survive.


~ spiros